Ship a Car from West Virginia To Louisiana

Basic Tips for Taking Care of West Virginia to Louisiana Vehicle Shipping

Working with an auto shipping service from West Virginia to Louisiana and handling even the simplest tasks involved with the car transport process can be confusing and even risky if you dont have the proper information at the ready.

Making sure the company takes care of the vehicle inspection process in a professional and thorough manner is one of the most essential requirements if you want to make sure your car gets the best treatment possible on its 1,000 mile journey south towards Louisiana.

Tips for a Smooth Vehicle Inspection and Pick-Up

While your West Virginia to Louisiana auto shipping company will handle most of the basic tasks involved with inspecting and loading your car into the trailer, you still have to pay careful attention to a few important details:

  • An extremely essential requirement is to provide your hauler with a complete set of keys to your vehicle. This includes your ignition keys, as well as keys for the glove compartment and trunk.
  • If you have any removable devices such as a radio, MP3 player or GPS device, it might be best to remove them before handing your vehicle over. Also, to prevent antennas from breaking, either remove them or retract them if possible.
  • Make sure to check the antifreeze and any other fluid levels. The weather and climate in Louisiana is quite different due to the states southern location, potentially requiring special preparations.
  • Spoilers, luggage racks, fog lights and any other exterior attachment should also be removed not only to assist the hauler in loading your car, but also to prevent any unwanted damages.

Hire a Company that Cares about Your Car

The main question most people would ask is what is the price to transport a car from West Virginia to Louisiana with an auto shipping company offering the most affordable services in the industry? Even if this is a fair question, there are more pressing matters to think of.

Our experts here at American Auto Move are focused on offering the highest level of quality while also striving to maintain a fair price. Even though we dont have the lowest price tags for our services, we provide the benefit of making sure each and every one of the cars or vehicles we transport gets to its destination safely, on time and in good condition.

For this purpose, we employ only the most experienced haulers and drivers who are well-acquainted with managing the pick-up, inspection, insurance and delivery of your vehicle.

Call today if you want the latest, most useful information about West Virginia to Louisianavehicle shipping, as well as the most advantageous quotes and a service thats worth every penny.