Savannah Auto Shipping

savannah auto shippingSavannah is a city located along the southern coast of the state of Georgia. This former capital city is still a major attraction today because of its booming tourism industry. It is home not only to beautiful parks and beaches, but also a number of important historical landmarks.

Transporting your vehicle to or from Savannah is easy when you use American Auto Move. We currently service the entirety of Georgia, including Savannah and the surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle that you’re looking to have transported, because American Auto Move will get it done.

We transport everything, including cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and much more! We can even transport your vehicle via enclosed carrier! Call American Auto Move at (888) 201-2370 for your free Savannah auto shipping today!

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Once you’ve spoken to one of our friendly auto transport team members, you may call American Auto Move at (888) 201-2370 and provide the following information to complete your reservation:

First, provide us with your pickup and drop-off addresses. It is important that you provide the most accurate information possible, including zip codes, so that we know exactly where to pick your vehicle up from.

Next, provide us with your best contact information. We will need to speak to you or your contact person at various stages of the auto transport process, so please provide us with the easiest ways to contact you so that we can avoid any unnecessary delays. Also, make sure to let us know about any modifications to your vehicle that affect its weight, height, or clearance from the ground. We must know about these sorts of modifications BEFORE you complete your reservation, as we will need to know what kind of vessel will be appropriate to transport your vehicle.

Finally, please provide a major credit or debit card to complete your reservations. Although we NEVER make any unauthorized charges to your card, we do need this information to complete your reservation. Once we’ve received and recorded this information, then you’ve already done all the hard work. Just relax and let American Auto Move do the rest.

American Auto Move currently provides service to the entire eastern seaboard, including Savannah and the surrounding areas. All major roadways into and out of Savannah, including I-16, I-95, I-516, and more, are regularly traversed by American Auto Move. If you have a vehicle that you’d like shipped into or out of Savannah, then you’ve already found the perfect company! Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 and ship with the best.

About Savannah

Savannah is a seaside city located in the south of Georgia. The city was at one time the capital of the province and state of Georgia, but was later replaced as the capital by Atlanta. Today, Savannah is a major tourism center and port for the state, bringing in millions of visitors each year. Amongst Savannah’s attractions are its splendid beaches and numerous antebellum historical landmarks.

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