Detroit Auto Transport

detroit auto transport Detroit is an important manufacturing and transportation hub located in the state of Michigan. It is also home to the bulk of automobile manufacturing and headquarters of a number of American automotive companies. Additionally, it is home to many important cultural contributions to the American music, most notably the Motown style of R&B.

American Auto Move proudly serves Detroit and all locations in the surrounding Metro Detroit area. Our branch office in Detroit is capable of providing you with a local driver within 72 hours of making a reservation, so no matter what kind of vehicle you need to move, American Auto Move will get moved quickly, professionally, and safely for a competitive price. Call us now at (888) 201-2370 and speak to one of our competent and courteous service professionals about scheduling and availability for Detroit auto transport.

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Wondering how to make a reservation with American Auto Move and have your vehicle shipped within the week? Simply call us at (888) 201-2370 well will handle all of your auto shipping needs. To make setting up your reservation for car transport faster, we ask that you keep some information handy.

Have your pick up and drop off addresses ready. Please be specific with your addresses. Provide the zip codes for both pickup and drop-off if possible. If you believe that we may have trouble getting to your door, please let us know BEFOREHAND so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. Next, have your contact information available. It is necessary for us to reach you throughout the auto shipping process, so provide your best contact to avoid possible delays.

Also, let us know BEFOREHAND if there are any modifications to your vehicle hat affect the weight, height, or ground clearance of your vehicle (i.e. lift kits, ground effects kits, suspension drops, etc.)

The last set up making a reservation is providing a major credit or debit card. We DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE CHARGES TO THIS CARD UNTIL WE HAVE CONFIRMATION FROM YOU TO DO SO. We must, however, keep this information on file to complete your reservation.

American Auto Move‘s Detroit branch currently serves the entire Metro Detroit area. Service is included along all major highways, including I-75, I-94, I-96, the 401, and more! If you are looking to ship your vehicle to the Port of Detroit, we may also be of service to you. To find out more information on Detroit car shipping, call us now at (888) 201-2370 and find out options for pricing and availability.

About Detroit

Detroit, despite popular belief, is actually a city with a vibrant community and numerous activities to indulge in. Detroit’s theatre district is rivaled in size and scope only by Broadway, and the music community has been and continues to be one of the most influential to American music since the days of Motown. So whether you’re relocating to Detroit or just visiting, let American Auto Move handle your auto shipping needs.

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