Car Prep 101 – What to Do and What NOT to Do Before Shipping

It’s been said that preparation is everything. Not only is this true of life, but it’s also true of auto transport. Here at American Auto Move, we know that when you make the proper preparations before you ship, the chances that you’ll have a smooth transport increase dramatically.

Here’s a small guide about the things that you should do before you get your car shipped.

DO: Always Wash Your Car

Whenever you ship a car, it is covered by the hauler’s auto insurance. But in order for the insurance policy to cover any damages incurred during transport, it is necessary to take a proper accounting of your car’s condition. Specifically, a driver will want to do a pre-shipping inspection of your vehicle before it is actually loaded up for insurance purposes.

For this reason, it is necessary that your car is clean enough that any scratches or dents can be identified easily. It should also be noted that only the exterior of the car needs to be cleaned, not the interior.

DO: Remove Your Personal Goods

Many rules regulate interstate commerce, including rules about how consumer vehicles as hauled by auto transport carriers. These laws provide for all sorts of things, including what can and cannot be shipped, and how those things can be shipped. Amongst the things that cannot be shipped are personal goods. Not only is it dangerous to ship personal goods in your vehicle, but it is also illegal! Remove your personal goods before shipping, or you run the risk of fines and of damages!

DO: Make Yourself Available

Though not often mentioned, making yourself available for contact may have a huge impact on how well your move goes. It can be difficult for an auto transport company to keep track of contact information, especially if your auto move coincides with a household move or relocation, and it is therefore incumbent upon you to keep your auto transport company updated with accurate contact information!

Why is this important? If a driver can’t get in touch with you at the time of pick up, there is a chance that he might have to leave your car behind. It’s an even worse fate if your driver cannot contact you on delivery — your car may be taken to a terminal, and you’ll likely have to pay $100 or more to get it out. Bottom line: pick up your phone!

DO NOT: Double Book Your Order

Using multiple brokers can cause problems for you, truck drivers, and brokers. It is understandable if you change your mind about using one company or the other, but if that is the case, let them know so that they can stop working on your order. Double brokered orders can create confusion amongst drivers and brokers, and generally slow down the shipping process. Don’t double book your order!

DO NOT: Make Last Minute Changes to Pick Up or Delivery Locations

Last minute changes to the details of your move can often create immense complications. In many cases, such changes can cause delays or even cancellations. So give ample time for your auto transport company to make the necessary adjustments if at all possible!

DO NOT: Forget to Mention Modifications to Vehicles

It’s surprising that this needs to be said, but it does: please make your auto transporter aware of any vehicle modifications. If your sports car has a lowered suspension, we need to know. If you have a lift kit on your truck, we need to know. These kinds of modifications can have a big impact on your auto transporter’s ability to get your car picked up, and to provide for safe transit of the other vehicles on the truck.

Following these few simple tips are guaranteed to pay off big time. Take our advice and get the kind of auto transport that you deserve. Use the best — ¬†use American Auto Move!