Car Enthusiast Jeanne Longhorne Official “Hello”

Hello Internet world! My name is Jeanne Longhorne and as a car enthusiast I am very excited to start writing for I hope you will all read and enjoy my columns and blogs in the future. For now though, here’s a bit more about me.

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern Minnesota where my family ran a moving company for the better part of three decades. From the time I was 6, I could be found wandering the halls and helping mom and dad out with chores around the office. My parents set up a play area for me and brought half of my toys over from our house, but I was never much interested in playing while I was there. The business was often buzzing with phone calls and customers, so lending a hand came very naturally.

In high school I broke tradition by taking shop classes instead of home economics. The shop classes involved much more hands-on work and I wanted in on that. I did everything from build bookcases to work on cars, though I enjoyed working on cars much more than building anything out of wood. There’s a great satisfaction in being the one who comes out from under the hood, covered in grease, and says “Alright, try it now!”. When the engine erupts into life, it always gave me this incredible feeling of accomplishment. Since I took shop though, mom kept me in the honors classes when it came to everything else. By the time I was 17, I started to take more of an administrative position with the family business. That way I could keep my school notes in the only real desk we had. During my senior year of high school I was somehow acing my honors classes, working in the auto-shop, and fielding all of the customer service at our company. When I finished high school, I decided to throw all of my efforts into college. I was accepted into several schools, but settled well in the Pacific Northwest. It was just far away from everything that it really allowed me to dig in and finish my BS in Finance in 4 years. After finishing college I decided to travel again, but this time all the way to the east coast. Although the idea of moving back to Minnesota seemed tempting, my parents had sold the business and retired. The best career move I could make was to move to Philadelphia, where I would open my own Garage. I certainly had the background to do it and college had provided me with a whole list of valuable connections to jump start the business.

While running the garage was quite the challenge, I did very well for myself during it’s 12 years of operation. The land that the garage sat on drastically escalated in value as that part of the city became more prosperous. Finally, one day, someone came in with an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. I sold the business and moved to Scranton, PA. Since Scranton is only a couple hours outside of Philadelphia, it was a quick and easy option to get away from the city. It also allows me to do freelance financial restructuring for struggling businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. I like to work with struggling garages the most, there are more out there than you would think. I don’t think anyone will ever make a reality show about it, but that doesn’t matter. Getting people back on their feet is what matters. I recently expanded into freelancing in New York City, so I’m a bit all over the place these days. I love to talk about cars and my train rides are long, so writing for is definitely the right move at the right time. I’m happy to be bringing my two most experienced areas, moving and cars, together for this project.

When I do get time to myself, I love to travel, take yoga classes, and try my hand at French cooking. I also have a cat named Maurice, he is perhaps the best roommate I have ever had.

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