Brace Yourself – Snowbird Auto Transport Season is Coming

Labor Day has come and past, and the summer is almsot over The snowbird auto transport season is just around the corner, and we thought now might be a good time to get ourselves and our customers ready for it! This should be a pretty short post, but there will be quite a bit more posts later on about this subject. For starters, let’s talk about what snowbird auto transport is. Snowbirds are essentially people (especially seniors) that migrate from the cold weather of the higher latitudes in the winter to the¬†perennially¬†warm weathers of the lower latitudes. Places like Florida and Arizona are the quintessential snowbird hot spots. For the auto transport industry, snowbird season is one of our busiest seasons. And while the traffic is no doubt a lot heavier than normal along certain routes during the snowbird season, you can avoid the long waits by following some simple guidelines:
  1. Understand that a whole lot of people are using auto transport during this time of the year. That means that prices go up, so if you’ve been holding onto a quote for a few months, you’ll likely need a fresh one. When you book for super-low rates, you’re just contributing to the problem.
  2. Be as flexible as possible when you’re shipping. The more flexible you can be with your dates and locations, the less you’ll have to pay!
  3. Be patient. There is almost always a huge glut of people trying to move their vehicles down south. There simply aren’t enough drivers to do the work, so you might have to wait. It’s not your fault, and it’s not the fault of the auto transport company. It’s just the way that it is at that time of the year.
There are still a few months before the snowbird season is in full swing, so expect more information soon!