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Jeanne Longhorne was raised in Northern Minnesota where her parents ran a moving company for 28 years. She could often be found toughing out the icy winters at the family business, taking an administrative position with the company by the age of 18. Although her presence at the company was indispensable, she found plenty of time to work on cars in the auto-shop programs after school. Jeanne also spent her junior and senior years of high school making the honor roll on a regular basis for math and science related courses. After excelling at both academic and shop classes throughout high school, she moved to the pacific northwest to attend college.

Four years later she emerged with a BS in finance. Since Jeanne’s parents sold their business during her senior year and retired, there was no reason for her to move back home. Jeanne moved across the country to Philadelphia, where she opened her own auto Garage. With her financial background securely in place and a list of valuable contacts from college, she was ready to take on this momentous challenge.

Although the first few years proved difficult, Jeanne never lost hope and the business eventually began to prosper. The neighboring areas began to experience an urban renewal of sorts, so property values began to go up. Within 3 years after that, an offer arrived on her doorstep that she simply couldn’t refuse. She signed the buyout and moved up to Scranton, PA.

Jeanne has since set up a new business, freelance help for auto garages and other businesses that need to get back on their feet. Although her hourly rate is not cheap, she is constantly booked and has even expanded into New York City markets. The long commutes left her with time to fill, so she happily started writing for Americanautomove.com. She is very excited to be bringing her wealth of knowledge on moving and cars to this exciting new project. In her free time, Jeanne also enjoys yoga, traveling, French cooking, and spending time with her roommate, a Pixie-Bob cat named Maurice.

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