Top 5 Reasons to Use Auto Transport

Every car move is like a snowflake; special and unique in it’s own right. Like nearly every other situation in life, the details and the reason behind choosing to do auto transport is different for everyone. But there are some similar strains and reasoning behind each move — and indeed a story. While we won’t (and can’t) get into every reason that people might have to ship, we can certainly get into some of those reasons.
  1. Buy/Sell/Trade Online – A lot of people buy, sell, and trade cars online. This is a somewhat recent development (it’s been really picking up in the last 10 or so years.) Auto transport is perfect for this kind of job because the buyers and sellers seldom want to drive across the country JUST to haul a car
  2. School – A relatively high number of the moves we do in the Fall and Spring are for shipping to schools. Obviously, this number drops off significantly once those few weeks have passed.
  3. Work/Career – People move their cars across country when relocating for a job. Between the hassle of having to drive thousands of miles while juggling all the responsibilities of a family, it’s usually a lot easier to just let someone else do the heavy lifting.
  4. Giving a Car to Friends and Family – You might be surprise to see this as a top reason, but it truly is quite common. People often gift their cars to those who need them the most, be they friends or family.
  5. Car Shows – Getting your car to a show almost never involves driving the car. A lot of time and preparation goes into making a showcar a winner. Too many things can happen on the road, so it’s quite common to have an auto transport company pick it up. This is usually done on an enclosed transport trailer.
And there you have it! These are the most common reasons to ship! If you have any other stories you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

Proof in the Pudding: Why It Really IS Important to Use a Reputable Auto Transport Company

If you’ve ever looked for car shipping on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter,) then you’ve probably heard time and again that quality matters. And truth be told, it really does matter. But, from what we’ve seen and heard from our colleagues in the industry, quality is generally not the top reason for picking company A over company B. More often than not, the reason someone chooses a company is all about price. But a race to the bottom really doesn’t benefit anyone — not the haulers, the brokers, or the customers. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Lower prices lowers the wages of drivers, brokers, and all the other people that help this industry grow and get better. The less people get paid, the lower the quality of the work, leading people to consider the services less valuable. It’s a vicious cycle that degrades the entire industry.
  • Good drivers need good training, and lowering rates has a direct impact on the quality of drivers on the road. This is a problem for the customer whose vehicle is being hauled, but for those who share the road with under qualified drivers.
In almost every case, using a reputable auto transport company means that you will have to a little bit more money. But based on the reports that we get from newly acquired customer suggests that the headaches aren’t worth it.
And we’re not just saying this for our own sake; it’s more about you, the customer, and the value proposition that auto transportation offers. Using shipping can truly be a huge time saver and stress reliever, especially when you’re engaged in what is an already-complicated logistical situation. But when you get low-quality shipping, you actually make your situation worse.
With the advent of sites like Transport Reviews, and the ability to communicate to a large number of people over the internet generally, the industry has really been getting creamed from a public relations point of view. That’s why it’s important for you as the customer to make the right choice.
You don’t want to end up like these guys, right?

Car Transport for Snowbirds

snowbird auto transportIt’s that time of the year again for snowbirds to make their yearly migrations down south for the Winter. Here at American Auto Move, we’re ready for it! This will be our 10th car transport for snowbirds season, and we’re looking forward to transporting your car. Setting up your move is easy, just call American Auto Move right now at (888) 201-2370 and get our pricing and availability for your move!

There’s No Better Year to Move Down South for the Winter

snowbird auto transport

Who’d have thought that Florida would have dodged a Hurricane, only to have the Northeast to take the brunt?

This year is shaping up to be cold and wet for the Northeast. There have already been two massive cold-weather storm systems that have hit New England and the Northeast and it’s hardly Fall yet! Who knows how much worst the weather can get. Do yourself a favor and head down south for the winter this year, and let American Auto Move help! We’ve shipped thousands of happy customers in the past years, and this year is already shaping up to be one of the busiest of all time! That means that it’s important to make your reservations right now, even if you aren’t moving for weeks. Spots are being filled up quickly, so call American Auto Move right now at (888) 201-2370 to save yourself from the rush! And don’t forget to check out our Snowbird Auto Transport page for more information on why we offer the be snowbird auto shipping in the nation!

Enclosed Auto Shipping – Is It For You?

enclosed trailer transportNot all types of transport are created equal, and it’s important for you to know that as a customer. Each of these has a different kind feel and purpose, and the price difference is big enough that you really need to know whether you need enclosed auto shipping or not.   The first thing that we tell people who are interested in moving their car on an enclosed trailer is that, in most cases, it’s not even worth it. The price is typically 50% greater than the price of open transport for comparable routes, so customers using enclosed transport typically have a good reason for using it. If you find yourself wondering why if you should be using enclosed transportation, then the odds are that you don’t need to use it.   But that is not to say that there is no place for it. In fact, there are many valid reasons to use enclosed auto transport. First and foremost, enclosed auto transport is used to ship vehicles that, for one reason or another, cannot be transported via open trailers. Some of those reasons may include:
  • You have a high-value vehicle and you want to ensure that no damage is incurred from standard tie-downs
  • Your vehicle’s ground clearance is less than 6″
  • Your vehicle’s interior is exposed to the elements
  • Your vehicle’s exterior cannot be exposed to be the elements
If you do not fall into any of these categories, the chances are that you do not need to go the extra mile and go enclosed.   But, there are still benefits that may be had by using enclosed transport, however. They include:
  • Your vehicle will remain clean throughout transport (open trailers often leave vehicles dirty)
  • The insurance policies held by enclosed trailers often offer a higher degree of coverage
  • Transport deliveries are often more punctual for enclosed trailers than for open trailers
  Of course, there are a number of benefits, as well a number of drawbacks, to shipping your vehicle enclosed. The important takeaway is that you carefully consider what is going to work for you and what isn’t. American Auto Move can help you make that determination simply by calling us today at (888) 201-2370 and getting your cheap auto enclosed auto transport quote right now!

Car Shipping Secrets

What a lot of people don’t realize about car shipping is how simple it really is. We read tens or hundreds of car shipping related information every day, and the single most common thread among all of these is that people are frustrated with the process. Let me just paraphrase one review example that I’ve recently read:

I used an auto transport company that I thought would have been good. All of their sales materials were flashy and neat, and the sales person told me everything I wanted to hear. But when it came time to actually have my car picked up, the driver never showed up! He never even called! I wish car shipping wasn’t so frustrating!

This is how it goes a lot of the time. But let me fill you in on a secret…

Car shipping doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the only time car shipping turns out like that is when you’re making your choices based on superficial factors!

The truth is that most people don’t really know what to look for, or how to look for it. That’s OK though, not everyone are professional car shippers like we are. But here are some great tips that you can use the next time you ship
Welp, it’s pretty obvious: good services get good reviews. What’s even more significant to you as a consumer of transport, however, is that bad services get bad reviews. Check the reviews yourself before you book, it’ll be a lifesaver.
  • Ask for References
Most people aren’t going to want to do this, but it can really help. You get an idea of what a company’s like straight from someone who has used that company. Especially try and find former customers from third party sites (that is, avoid asking for references from the car shipping company itself.)
  • If You Have Specific Transport Concerns, Address Them Right Away
A lot of the negative stuff that happens when shipping a car is the result of poor communication between the customer, the drivers, and the brokers. The reality is that sometimes, it’s the fault of the customer for not specifying their needs. Don’t be afraid to explain your situation and your needs to your car transporter.
More information on auto transport coming soon!

5 Easy Tips to Improve your Auto Transport Experience

You asked for it, and we delivered. Here it is…a simple list of 5 tips that can improve your auto transport experience exponentially. Without further ado, here they are!:
  • Don’t Go For the Cheapest Quote!
  • This is something that far too many people go for. If you go for a cheap quote, you’re probably going to get burned. The problem is that anyone can give you a cheap quote, but no one can get you cheap auto transport. It’s expensive and you get what you pay for
  • Always Check Out the Credentials of an Auto Transport Company
  • This is pretty straightforward. It’s also a standard for smart shopping of any type. Always make sure that the people you work with are reputable.
  • Be Reasonable With Your Expectations
  • Understand that auto transport involves some heavy duty logistical planning. It’s not easy to plan routes, and when things go wrong it can delay transport by a couple of hours.
  • Figure Out What Kind of Service You Need Before Booking
  • Figuring out what you need before you book is going to save you from a bunch of time and money. Get all your ducks in a row before you book! Cancellations can be expensive, and so can rescheduling a transport.
  • Choose your Route Carefully
  • Just because an auto transport company offers ‘door to door’ transport doesn’t mean your vehicle needs to be shipped directly to your door. You can choose any door you like for shipping, and in many cases making a slight adjustment can save you hundreds of dollars. Here’s an example. Say I live in Manhattan and I want to ship a car to myself. If I send it right to my apartment in Harold Square, it’s going to cost me about $1,000. If i try to ship the same car to Newark, however, it’ll only cost $800! Be smart about your route!
Take these tips and go get yourself the best shipping possible right now!

Brace Yourself – Snowbird Auto Transport Season is Coming

Labor Day has come and past, and the summer is almsot over The snowbird auto transport season is just around the corner, and we thought now might be a good time to get ourselves and our customers ready for it! This should be a pretty short post, but there will be quite a bit more posts later on about this subject. For starters, let’s talk about what snowbird auto transport is. Snowbirds are essentially people (especially seniors) that migrate from the cold weather of the higher latitudes in the winter to the perennially warm weathers of the lower latitudes. Places like Florida and Arizona are the quintessential snowbird hot spots. For the auto transport industry, snowbird season is one of our busiest seasons. And while the traffic is no doubt a lot heavier than normal along certain routes during the snowbird season, you can avoid the long waits by following some simple guidelines:
  1. Understand that a whole lot of people are using auto transport during this time of the year. That means that prices go up, so if you’ve been holding onto a quote for a few months, you’ll likely need a fresh one. When you book for super-low rates, you’re just contributing to the problem.
  2. Be as flexible as possible when you’re shipping. The more flexible you can be with your dates and locations, the less you’ll have to pay!
  3. Be patient. There is almost always a huge glut of people trying to move their vehicles down south. There simply aren’t enough drivers to do the work, so you might have to wait. It’s not your fault, and it’s not the fault of the auto transport company. It’s just the way that it is at that time of the year.
There are still a few months before the snowbird season is in full swing, so expect more information soon!  

Road Transportation – A History and How We Use it Today

Auto Transport is a phenomenon that has been with us ever since the inception of the road. Roads have been used to transport all kinds of things, including goods, services, and people. Throughout history, the state and status of a nation’s roads has played a huge part in their success.

Game Trail

An example of what early roads may have looked like

The idea of the road most likely dates back to the hunter-gatherers. They used game trails to make foot travel easier. Well-beaten paths through wooded and grassy areas made for faster movement and ease of navigation. Once people began to settle land for agricultural purposes, the needs for roads increased. Cattle and other goods were moved from one area to another via roads, and thus intercommunity trade was born.

Roman Road

Roman roads were so well-built that many of them exist and are still in use today!

Of course, some of the most famous roads of all time are thousands of years old today. Roman roads are famous for their ubiquity in Europe. The saying “all roads lead to Rome” is actually a truth; the Romans built their roads such that it was possible to navigate to road from any corner of the Empire. While their original intent was perhaps for the movement of troops, their long-lasting contribution was for trade and the movement of regular people. Many of the roads built by the Romans were so long-lasting that they still exist today!

In the Modern Age, we use roads primarily to transport goods and services. There are untold numbers of people and things moving along the roads every day. But how these things are transported, and what they use to do the transportation, largely depends on what is being transported and how far they are going.

Public Bus

Public transportation, including bus transit, is huge in the Bay Area

In the US, the primary means of road transport for people is the automobile. The US Interstate Highway system makes automobile travel in between cities and states practical for individual automobile owners. In other parts of the world, mass transit like buses and light rail are used more commonly for the transportation of individuals. We can expect to see more mass transit systems, and even pedestrian road traffic and walking and biking, in US cities soon, as more efficient energy expenditures and lower emissions will be needed to combat global climate change and rising energy costs.

Goods are transported over the roads quite often as well. Semi-trucks are used to transport goods that can be stored on palettes and in boxes. One often sees these kinds of trucks transporting over our roads each and every day.  Different trucks, of course, do different kinds of jobs. Flatbed trucks often haul construction goods and other building materials. RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) trucks can be used to transport a wide variety of wheeled cargo. ROROs are especially relevant to auto transport. For more information about specific types of auto transport trailers, see our auto transport services page.

Road Transportation has evolved, and it will no doubt continue to change over time. But as long as people need to get from point A to point B, there will be need for transportation. And road transport is still the most effective, efficient, and obvious way to move people and goods to the places that they need to go!

Open Car Shipping vs. Enclosed Shipping

Auto Transport Decision Making

Let’s talk about choices people. On average, each and every person will make tens of thousands of decisions every day; some of them conscious, some of them not. It might not even be a stretch to say that most of the decisions that we make everyday are unconscious.
open vs enclosed auto transport

Making choices about your transport isn’t hard, but it is often left up to someone else.

Working in the auto transport business, we happen to have first hand knowledge that nearly all decisions made about auto transport by consumers happen to be unconscious or subconscious. It might even be fair to say that some of the decisions being made about your auto transport aren’t even being made by you. Instead, the people that you hire to do the odd moving job are the ones calling all the plays, and for the most part, the customer simply follows through with these decisions. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, but the point is that you are the one paying for you shipping, and that entitles you to make the choices that benefit you the most.

Deciding on How to Move your Vehicle

To be sure, there are a great many decisions that one can make about their auto transport. Not all of these decisions necessarily matter either. Instead, just focus on the things that have a real impact on the quality of your auto transport experience. One of the things that you’ll want to decide upon is what kind of trailer you’ll be using. This is important for a couple of reasons. One, there may be real effects on the condition of your vehicle depending on what kind of vessel you use to transport with, and two, there are pricing and time considerations that are separate for each. There are two general types of auto transport trailers: open trailers and enclosed trailers. Each has their own use and benefit. Before you choose what kind of trailer you want to use, consider the following:  

 Open Trailer:

open car shipping

An Example of an Open Trailer

  • Suitable for your everyday driver
  • A higher percentage of drivers use open trailers, making pick ups faster in general
  • Less expensive than enclosed trailers in general
  • More vehicles are transported on each trailer, so delays are more likely
  • Exposure to the elements is a (very small) risk
  • Hard tie-downs are used to secure the vehicle, which again introduces a (very small) element of risk

Enclosed Trailer:

enclosed auto transport

An Example of an Enclosed Trailer

  • Can safely transport low-clearance vehicles
  • Soft tie-downs are used to secure your vehicle
  • The relatively small payload of vehicles on enclosed trailers means that delays are less likely
  • Your vehicle will be completely protected from the elements while in transit
  • Can be up to 50% more expensive than open car shipping
  • Less drivers use enclosed trailers, so turnaround times are generally longer
  • Availability may be limited

 How to Make the Choice, and Why that Choice is Important

Think about what kind of vehicle you’re shipping. Is it an expensive sports car or a show car? Does your vehicle’s ground clearance under six inches? Is the interior of your vehicle exposed to the elements? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you’re going to want use enclosed shipping. Open shipping is usually suitable for just about every other method of transportation. But this is my point: it’s your property and you have the right to make your own choice about how it’s shipped. Auto transport companies often don’t give you the choice because it’s a hassle for them to ship vehicles on anything other than open trailers. While many will advise you of the best option for your shipment, some will not! It’s important to know what shippers can do for you, but it’s even more important for you what you need for yourself. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you need to make smart choices. You’ll be happy you did.

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