Road Transportation – A History and How We Use it Today

Auto Transport is a phenomenon that has been with us ever since the inception of the road. Roads have been used to transport all kinds of things, including goods, services, and people. Throughout history, the state and status of a nation’s roads has played a huge part in their success.

Game Trail

An example of what early roads may have looked like

The idea of the road most likely dates back to the hunter-gatherers. They used game trails to make foot travel easier. Well-beaten paths through wooded and grassy areas made for faster movement and ease of navigation. Once people began to settle land for agricultural purposes, the needs for roads increased. Cattle and other goods were moved from one area to another via roads, and thus intercommunity trade was born.

Roman Road

Roman roads were so well-built that many of them exist and are still in use today!

Of course, some of the most famous roads of all time are thousands of years old today. Roman roads are famous for their ubiquity in Europe. The saying “all roads lead to Rome” is actually a truth; the Romans built their roads such that it was possible to navigate to road from any corner of the Empire. While their original intent was perhaps for the movement of troops, their long-lasting contribution was for trade and the movement of regular people. Many of the roads built by the Romans were so long-lasting that they still exist today!

In the Modern Age, we use roads primarily to transport goods and services. There are untold numbers of people and things moving along the roads every day. But how these things are transported, and what they use to do the transportation, largely depends on what is being transported and how far they are going.

Public Bus

Public transportation, including bus transit, is huge in the Bay Area

In the US, the primary means of road transport for people is the automobile. The US Interstate Highway system makes automobile travel in between cities and states practical for individual automobile owners. In other parts of the world, mass transit like buses and light rail are used more commonly for the transportation of individuals. We can expect to see more mass transit systems, and even pedestrian road traffic and walking and biking, in US cities soon, as more efficient energy expenditures and lower emissions will be needed to combat global climate change and rising energy costs.

Goods are transported over the roads quite often as well. Semi-trucks are used to transport goods that can be stored on palettes and in boxes. One often sees these kinds of trucks transporting over our roads each and every day.  Different trucks, of course, do different kinds of jobs. Flatbed trucks often haul construction goods and other building materials. RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) trucks can be used to transport a wide variety of wheeled cargo. ROROs are especially relevant to auto transport. For more information about specific types of auto transport trailers, see our auto transport services page.

Road Transportation has evolved, and it will no doubt continue to change over time. But as long as people need to get from point A to point B, there will be need for transportation. And road transport is still the most effective, efficient, and obvious way to move people and goods to the places that they need to go!