American Auto Move now LIVE!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Official launch of! All of the site’s main content is now live. Keep in mind that while a significant portion of the content is now in place, we will be adding content to the main site for many weeks, and perhaps even months, to come. Of course the blog will be active as well.


First, let’s be clear about what American Auto Move is. We are a subsidiary of American Auto Move. All business conducted through this site is processed by American Auto Move. This site is an extension of American Auto Move in a sense, but with more emphasis on content!

We have gone to great lengths to provide information that is extremely high quality. And perhaps even further than that, we have emphasized the importance of design quality in your experience. We believe that this site should be significantly easier to navigate than our original site.

About the American Auto Move Blog

Our current plan for the American Auto Move Blog is to keep the content related to Automotive news in general. By blogging about more than auto transport, we hope to foster a more robust experience for our users. Remember that you can subscribe to our feed to keep up with the latest news.

Online Auto Transport Tools and Other Functionality

We believe that site functionality is one of the prime engines for online success. Therefore, we plan on offering our users access to free online tools that will make the auto transport experience a little easier. One yet-to-be-implemented feature will be our online auto transport tools section. Right now there are some sketches of what these tools might be, but they have not yet been coded. Expect them in the upcoming months though, with information about the tools coming sooner.

Link to Us!

If you like this site, LINK TO US! If we get enough requests, we may even set up a link exchange. Contact our WebMaster for more information on this.

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One of the easiest ways to reach anyone nowadays is through social networking. Make sure to mention us on Google+ and Twitter. We’ll be able to see what you have to post.

We look forward to making this site a success with your help!