13 Best YouTube Videos Of Stupid Drivers

Hello and Happy Friday everyone! This week I’m continuing to deviate from my “Super Speed” blogs to do something a bit more fun. Warning, if you’re reading this at work, it could distract you for the remainder of the day. Especially with the three day weekend coming up for some of you. Enjoy!

I do a lot of commuting for work. If you follow me on twitter @jeannelonghorne, you’ll see that my commuting is split between taking the train and driving. In my years of driving from city to city, I have seen my fair share of stupid drivers. I don’t necessarily think that these drivers are being intentionally malicious with their driving. However, I don’t think they realize just how dangerous their bad driving habits are. Simply choosing to ignore basic driving safety makes you a dangerous driver. Those turn signals, brakes, mirrors, and headlights aren’t just there for show, you have to use them by law. For some reason, not everyone understands that. Since my last blog post featuring YouTube videos was so well received, I took the same approach with this week’s post. I searched for, and found, the 13 best YouTube videos of stupid drivers. Please note that not all of these videos featuring bad driving resulted in accidents, though that is the most typical outcome. It’s never a good idea to take chances on the road.

13 Best YouTube Videos Of Stupid Drivers

Watch this particularly brainless driver cut and swerve around semi-trucks on the highway. Talk about a near miss. My Uncle Mike used to be a truck driver until he retired back in 2006. His biggest regret, never getting, setting up, or owning a dash-cam. To quote him directly, “I’d have one hell of a ‘YouWhoob’ account right now if I had a dash-cam back then”. I love my Uncle.

This driver is definitely oblivious to the car that is driving behind him. On such a rainy day, he decides he doesn’t like the other car and repeatedly “checks his brakes.” Sure, he could just pull over and let the other driver pass. Well, eventually he has to, but that driver doesn’t just pass. I guess that wasn’t a ski rack on top of the car.

Driver gets rear ended after pulling out way too slow into the wrong lane and then stopping at a green light. Wait for it…

A short video of rear end collisions caught by red light traffic safety cameras, courtesy of the New Jersey DOT. You won’t believe some of these. It blows my mind when people don’t open their eyes and stop for red lights. The life you save may indeed be your own. The video also provides some rather insightful statistics about traffic safety and red lights.

This driver has just plain “snapped” and is driving a semi-truck down the highway in an incredibly dangerous manner. The clip is taken from one of those “Most Dangerous Drivers” TV shows, which my Dad loves.

Don’t pull off dumb stunts in the middle of the road at night, you never know who’s around. This show off gets a wake up call after nearly hitting some pedestrians.

When heavy traffic is around, that’s not the best time to show off how fast your car can go. Remember, stupid drivers are dangerous drivers.

We’ve all been stuck behind this person before. Someone who seems to have no idea where they’re going or even how to drive. The result isn’t just a stupid driver, but an incredibly dangerous one too.

This stupid driver jumps out in front of speeding bus, causes a huge crash, and then drives away. There’s no way he did not know the damage he caused. Yet another case of a stupid driver that is also incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.

What is this driver even doing? Presumably they are trying to park, though they certainly seem to be making it as difficult as they can on themselves. I don’t know what I like more about this video, the footage or the music that’s been added.

Why would you merge so quickly when there’s no one behind you and no one in the lane in front of you? Probably because you’re trying to show off. Once again, showing off gets a driver into a whole mess of trouble.

Perhaps the gas pedal got stuck?

Wait for the light to turn green before proceeding through the intersection! That’s basic driver safety!

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