13 Best Sports Car Videos On YouTube

Hi everyone! I decided to take a break from Super Speed Friday and do something a bit more fun. As I followed the coverage from NYIAS 2013, my interest in sports cars and super cars was once again piqued. After the show ended, I went to YouTube and began looking up fun sports car videos. Thankfully, YouTube not only pointed me towards great videos of amazing new cars, but also some completely ridiculous sports car “fails” as well. After browsing through videos for hours, I came up with this post.

Here are the 13 best sports car videos on YouTube.

Some of them are funny, some of them are fun, and I hope you enjoy them all!

This is an absolutely hilarious commercial for Dish network featuring a woman, a man, a sports car, and a complete misunderstanding.

Keep in mind, some of these might make you cringe. You might think “How could anyone DO that??” Or, more to the point, “Why would anyone do that??”. In this first one, the father gives his 14 year old son the keys to his Mustang. The intention is for the child just to pull it into the garage, but then….

Here’s footage of a particularly brainless stunt that you might have already seen on-line somewhere after it recently went viral. A father gave the keys of his Ferrari F430 to his 9 year old son. The child was apparently allowed to drive the car as a “surprise” for his 9th birthday.

A review of the Pagani Huayra by the pros at Top Gear. I love this show to begin with, then they reviewed one of my favorite cars. Then again, I suppose that’s what they always do :) The entire clip is great, but skip to 3:03 to start the Pagani review. Gotta love these guys.

I always see guys driving cars that they wish were the Batmobile. This guy took it one step further. Then again, maybe he was on his way to a kid’s birthday party? Let’s hope so.

This is one that might make you cringe. The footage is of a Dodge Viper driving erratically, speeding, weaving around traffic, and not paying attention. Then it happened. He couldn’t hit the brakes fast enough.

Here we have an overzealous Ferrari driver who takes off from a red light just a bit too fast.

This one hurts to watch. Yes, they are about to unload the car using a ramp made mostly of plywood. I don’t know why any of them thought that was a good idea.

Two Corvette drivers. They decided to race on local roads in the middle of the day, which is a terrible idea. Thankfully, they didn’t get far. :)

When Rolls-Royce decides to appeal to sports car enthusiasts, they introduced The Wraith. Here is the rather fantastic commercial for said vehicle. Filming this commercial included the use of 100 Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip of how they blew up Walter Jr.’s Dodge Challenger in season 4 of Breaking Bad. I love that I was able to work Breaking Bad into this list, it is one of my all time favorite shows.

Man wins 380K Lamborghini, then crashes it 6 hours later. Thankfully he got the car insured. Here’s the news story.

Ever watched a Ferrari dig itself into a hole?

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